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Mardi Gras Carnival Around the World

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Mardi Gras Carnival Around the World

When you think of Mardi Gras in the United States, you’re likely to think of New Orleans, and the epic celebrations that lead up to Fat Tuesday. While it’s the most famous celebration in the U.S., there are also fairly large Mardi Gras celebrations in Mobile and St. Louis as well.
Many people don’t realize that there are Mardi Gras celebrations all over the world though, and they go by many names. We’ll refer to wikipedia for the details.

Mardi Gras, Fat Tuesday and Carnival season refer to events of the Carnival celebrations, beginning on or after the Epiphany or Kings day and culminating on the day before Ash Wednesday. Mardi Gras is French for Fat Tuesday, referring to the practice of the last night of eating richer, fatty foods before the ritual fasting of the Lenten season, which begins on Ash Wednesday. The day is sometimes referred to as Shrove Tuesday, from the word shrive, meaning “confess.”

 Baden Württemburg Germany
 Barranquilla Colombia Mardi Gras
 Basel Switzerland fasnacht festival
 Binche Belgium Carnival
 Carnival in Rio de Janeiro Brazil
 Carnaval in Montevideo Uruguay
 Carnval Amsterdam Netherlands
 Cologne Germany
 Goa India Carnival
 Mardi Gras in New Orleans Lousiana USA
 Mardi Gras Dakar Senegal
 Mardi Gras Mobile Alabama
 Marseille France Carnival
 Martinique Carnival
 Maslenitsa Moscow Russia
 Mazatlan Mexico Margi Gras
 Trinidad Tobago Mardi Gras
Venice Italy Carnival

Mardi Gras is celebrated in many cities with large Catholic populations, however in most countries it is called Carnival.

Folk etymologies exist which state that the word Carnival comes from the Late Latin expression carne vale, which means “farewell to meat”, signifying that those were the last days when one could eat meat before the fasting of Lent.

The largest Carnival celebration in the world is pictured above, in Brazil. So now that you know what the hell Mardi Gras and Carnival are, take a tour around the world to see how it is celebrated in other countries…

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24 photos of massive Snow Castle

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24 photos of massive Snow Castle

With the biggest snowstorm on Earth in the northeast, many of us asked young people if we wanted to build a snowman. "No", and we do not want to build an ice palace either. Every man needs his lock, and we'll certainly have enough snow to build something of the size indicated above. When you're done, you can sit on your throne, admire your work and enjoy. But what about building something bigger?

Since it seems to have about six feet of snow (predictions may vary), we think that a greater inspiration is good. We collected about Twenty four photos of Massive Snow Castle, palaces and other large buildings. All are huge and impressive and we rely on their ability to realize our vision. Go to work! We'll get you a beer when you're done.

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Top 9 Fitness Tips | Weight Loss & Getting Awesome Results !

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Top 10 Fitness Tips | Weight Loss & Getting Awesome Results !

what's up everyone welcome back to my Blog I'm back to the catch that haven't done article on the couch in the wall little bit old school.
if you are new to my blog, Hey how you doing!? if you are not you to my Blog welcome back let's get into it.

so today I'm going to share with you my top 10 fitness tips just ten little things I always tell my Friends that I always told myself about your overall fitness and putting your goals, so no way sometimes too i'm going to get straight into it.

 (1) Number one don't expect to get results straight away, don't expect to get the same amount results of the person next to you or anyone that you see online, everyone is different it's going to take a different amount of time for you that I did for me that wolf above next door.
don't expect the same thing in the same amount of time and don't expect it to happen overnight. aren't going to it with this high expectation that you're going to do one cardio session and lose a killer because it's not going to work that way you need to be realistic that your body works different to everyone else's I mean sure all you know born as human beings but that doesn't mean our bodies all work the same way,
scientifically speaking yes they do but we're not all exactly the same one thing, my work differently for me to what it does to you one food might react differently with my body to what it does with yours you need to keep that in mind and on the back of that .
don't give up if it doesn't happen after a month or two months or a year keep trying keep experimenting with donkey part.

(2) Number two you have to work hard a little light jog hearing there and you know some low-intensity work at the gym that's not really getting your heart rate up is not going to get the job done, if you've got big weight loss goals or muscle gay goals or really any goals around figures you have to work hard you have to put in the hard yards you have to sweat no matter what it is you're doing,
if it's white lifting running yoga pilates you need to give it your all you have to put in a hundred percent, if you turn up everyday and bring twenty or thirty percent of your eye again and you just come cruise along and then wonder why you're not getting results. you know working hard enough you want to be out of breath you want to be sweating you want your muscles to be burning you want to feel like you really done,
something like you've given your all and yes you can have those days and those live sessions where you back off a little bit because you're not really feeling it but you got to put in the effort need to challenge yourself.

(3) Number three mix things up don't stick to the same old boring routine you'll retain my not be boring you might love it you might love the exercises enjoying you might love the work you're doing with dark stay on this line ok mix it up mix up your intense meet going for different methods different styles of training.
incorporate different exercises lift heavier weights always push yourself further, find the next best thing when you start to get really comfortable in what you're doing it's not really making you sore anymore, it's not challenging you find something else incorporate a different exercise you know if you're constantly doing push-ups make a variation to something different,
make sure that you are always progressing and going upwards

(4) Number four, well you might be busting your balls in the gym absolutely killing it and then you coming home and having a picture every night or ken soft drinks straight away or takeaway for dinner every night you have to realize that fitness and food are one you cannot try to bad diet, you really really need to understand that burning off calories doesn't give you the right like she you're not eating a nutritionally balanced diet, you just want to get the results.
(5) Five don't try and spot target if you are trying to lose weight or body fat from certain area do not trying to spot target, you can't do crunches and lose the fat from your abdomen just from doing those crunches, you need to do compound things big things work the whole body just because you work one area does not mean the side is going to fall off in that area,
yes you build the muscle in that area which can help make it look more tired and bring out the appearance at the muscle, a little bit more but you just can't spot target it just doesn't work if you're trying to lose big numbers on the scale be more compound work your body overall more so if you're trying to lose 20 kilos doing some bicep curls in the gym working just one arm at a time is not the right way to go about it.
you need to be doing bigger movements like a squat with a press or dead lifts or you know squat jumps something that's going to work your entire body, get your heart rate up a little bit more and if you're trying to lose a little bit of belly fat to show your abs bit more don't just stick to crunches, do some sprints do a little bit of high intensity cardio add things like squat jumps.
the more you get your heart rate up the more you challenge, your body the more you're going to lose body fat from everywhere you get there faster.

(6) Six don't forget to stretch but you cannot work out to the best of your ability, if your muscles are tight and cramped and you have bad mobility and bad my abilities so common, i mean i have terrible my ability a lot of people have terrible mobility but you need to stretch, focus on active! Do some yoga you know look after your body more than just smashing it in the gym.

(7) Take time off don't forget to take a week off, if you feel like you need it if you've been pumping really hard for a few weeks a few months a year take a week off sit back relax, give your body a well-deserved break sometimes, the time off will have you come back faster and fitter and stronger, than constantly pushing your body down down down down down !
right scales instead of focusing on the scales, all the time taking measurements you know take your waist your bust your hips your bicep take different measurements that is going to show you a lot more results than just stepping on the scales, you might say centimeters come off when you don't see a change on the scales and it'll make you feel better.
I'll make you feel like you're progressing more and take a body fat percentage especially, if you have lost the main amount of weight you want to but you want to start turning off and shifting a little bit of body fat take your body fat percentage get a personal training to do it for you or get a more complex skin that's gonna give you a lot more accurate results,
than just stepping on the scales everyday number

(8) try plyometrics!,  plyometrics is jumping exercises incredibly effective probably not for you if you've got really bad ankle or knee problems or you know that you can't jump, a lot of plyometrics are amazing if you've been doing a lot of cardio and you're not seeing results, try flyer it would get your heart rate up just as much as going for a ten kilometer run or doing some sprints on the treadmill and it will burn more.
fact it is super super effective really good for building muscle losing light increasing cardiovascular, fitness everything so do things like bur-pees squat jumps tuck, jumps box, jump start jumps and those kind of things in two sessions

Number (9) last but not least ask for help if you need it don't be afraid to tell someone you're stuck or that you don't know what's right for you or that you're not sure where to go, there's people out there that can help you you know like me a personal trainer can give you a workout plan,
a nutritionist can help you with your food, a physiotherapist can help you if your knee is really really bugging you and it's always sore and it's you know affecting your ability to try, don't be afraid to go and ask someone when you need their help it will really help you in the long run, it'll make sure you get to your goals faster and just give you that peace of mind,
as well to know that you're on the right track . that is it down my top 9 tips for overall fitness and how to get your goals a little bit faster, i hope you like that my heart feels something in there that you haven't heard me, ramble on about before but anyway please leave me your thoughts in the comments and big thumbs up if you liked this because it really supports my Blog please subscribe if you haven't already.

i'm uploading new Article every week so I'll say Please Subscribe my Blog and Write your Comment.

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Super Star The Rock Dwayne Johnson Warmly Welcomes Priyanka Chopra In Baywatch

Super Star The Rock Dwayne Johnson Warmly Welcomes Priyanka Chopra In Baywatch

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Super Star "The Rock" #DwayneJohnson Warmly Welcomes ‘#PriyankaChopra’ In #Baywatch Show #Baywatch simply got hotter. this point it’s (The Rock) ‘Dwayne Johnson’ Warmly welcoming ‘Priyanka Chopra' and that must be rocking.

she sweet says ‘I’m very mean’ and they each dissolve in laughter giving Us a touch that Priyanka Chopra won’t be ‘Really Sweet’ within the forthcoming show. Yes, she is that the villain of the show. In this video, Rock are often seen with the Quantico thespian (Actress), as he introduces her as ‘one of the Awesome stars within the world’ and welcomes her to Show Baywatch. whereas Priyanka Chopra compliments him back as ‘the biggest Rock Star within the world’. Here may be a video that they announce

The Best 12 Ways to Utilize Flower Procession In Netherlands.

The Best 12 Ways to Utilize Flower Procession In Netherlands.

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The Best 12 Ways to Utilize Flower Procession In Netherlands.

Incredible snaps wish to showcase Bloemencorso Flower Parade pictures.
Netherlands is thought for its vast tulip fields and may be a region in the western a part of Kingdom of The Netherlands., however here’s superb even a lot of exciting: the Bloemencorso flower festival in Zundert.

This nice flower festival have extraordinarily giant flower sculptures on moving floats. Here area unit the foremost beautiful photos square measure given below.

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This is Really Cool Amazing Ways for Flower Procession In Netherlands!

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